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Project Duration: 2017-2022

Source of funds: FCH 2 JU under Horizon2020 & INYCOM

Nowadays, water electrolysis for hydrogen production and, in particular, pressurized alkaline water electrolysis, has the potential to become a key enabling technology in the frame of generation, transmission and distribution scenarios, in addition to its traditional role in the chemical industry, integrating high renewable energies shares, providing grid services and being an energy storage system.

However, and despite its maturity, this technology should be further improved to meet the technical and economical requirements to provide a variety of energy services. Within this context, the strategic goal of ELYntegration is the design and engineering of robust, flexible and cost competitive 4 MW alkaline water electrolyser capable of producing with a single stack up to 4.5 ton H2/day for energy applications. 

DEMO4GRID Project Goals

To manufacture and demonstrate an advanced 4 MW single-stack Pressurized Alkaline Electrolysers (PAE) designed for providing grid balancing services.

To design and engineer a remote control centre for advanced maintenance and smart operation considering the provision of grid services with data storage and analysis on cloud.

To study and characterize the business model for replication to other locations and customers.

Project Partners

Discovering Demo4Grid

What is Demo4Grid?

The main goal is to manufacture and demonstrate an advanced 4 MW single-stack Pressurized Alkaline Electrolysers (PAE) designed for providing grid balancing services. General objective O1 consists of the engineering, manufacturing and demonstrating a 4 MW single-stack PAE. The 4 MW PAE will be installed and operated at the MPREIS location.

The 4 MW PAE system will include stack, gas separators, power electronics, system control, gas drying and demineralised water production unit. The PAE will be specifically tailored to be compatible with the grid balancing services to be brought.

How have we contributed to the project?

The role of INYCOM to contribute to that objective consists of the development of a remote control centre for smart operation and optimized maintenance of the PAE, considering the following boundary conditions:

  • Coverage of H2 demand from MPREIS, used for valorization in a bakery
  • Participation in spot and intraday markets provided by the Austrian utility TIWAG
  • Participation in the primary and secondary reserve balancing markets provided by the Austrian TSO APG
  • Generation of renewable hydrogen making use of electricity from the hydro pump station open by Sellrain.

What is the origin of Demo4Grid?

Inycom carries out the adaptation and improvement of ELYNTEGRATION and ELYGRID control and communication systems to provide grid services and allow dynamic operation of IHT electrolyser in a real environment and involving a customer such as MPREIS, which shows a demand for hydrogen for different end uses.

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