Project Duration: September 2015 - August 2018

Source of funds: FCH JU 2 under Horizon2020 & INYCOM

Water Electrolysis (WE) and, in particular, Multi Megawatt High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysis, has the potential to become a key enabling technology in the deployment of H2 as energy vector in the future energy market, in addition to its traditional role in the chemical industry. Besides, WE is the dominant route to H2 from renewable electricity and therefore the best technical solution to produce zero or ultra-low carbon H2.


The design and engineering of a robust, flexible and cost competitive Multi Megawatt alkaline water electrolyser, capable of producing with a single stack up to 4.5 ton H2/day for energy applications.

The development of a control and communication system with data storage and analysis on cloud for smart operation and advanced maintenance, considering the provision of grid services.

The study on potential markets to replicate solutions including simulation of energy markets in different EU member states.

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What is Elyntegration?

ELYntegration Project is going to design and engineer a robust, flexible, efficient and cost-competitive single stack Multimegawatt High Pressure Alkaline Water Electrolysis of 4,5 T H2/day capable of providing cutting-edge operational capabilities under highly dynamic power supplies expected in the frame of generation/ transmission/ distribution scenarios integrating high renewable energies (RE) shares.

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Project Development

In the early phase of the development process, great attention is going to be brought to the identification of end-user’s needs and relevant/critical operational requirements (i.e, integration of the MW HP AWE in a wind farm).

The target behaviour of the industrial prototype will be thoroughly demonstrated in an operational environment reflecting different on-grid integration schemes using power facilities already available to the Consortium (notably, 635 kW wind and 100 kW photovoltaic power plants).

What we expect from the futre?

The successful demonstration of the industrial prototype will be paving the way towards the implementation and the commercial deployment of the 4.5 T H2/day HP AWE technology in the frame of large-scale demonstration projects which shall be the next step after the conclusion of ELYntegration.