Project Duration: January 2015 – December 2017

Source of funds: Horizon2020 & INYCOM

P2P-SmartTest project investigates and demonstrates a smarter electricity distribution system integrated with advanced ICT, regional markets and innovative business models.

It will employ Peer-to-Peer (P2P) approaches to ensure the integration of demand side flexibility and the optimum operation of DER and other resources within the network while maintaining second-to-second power balance and the quality and security of the supply.

P2P SMARTES Project Goal

To develop and demonstrate a Smart System to distribute electric energy integrated with advanced ICT, regional energy markets and innovative business models.

Project Partners

Discovering P2P SMARTEST

What is P2PSmarTest?

The project comprises 7 work packages (WP), of which 5 are technical. Apart from project management tasks (WP1) and dissemination and exploitation tasks (WP7) the P2P-SmartTest project defines and demonstrates the suitable business models (WP2) for peer-to-peer based distributed smart energy grids, quantifies the value from significantly increased system interaction and integration, and assesses the required development in ICT and power networks in conjunction with commercial and regulatory frameworks to enable P2P trading realizing its full potential. 

All about P2P SmarTest

Project Development

WP3 shall develop and demonstrate the distributed wireless ICT solutions capable of offloading the required traffic of different applications of energy trading, network optimization, AMR data and real-time network control to name a few.

In WP4 the optimization mechanisms of energy flows in P2P context shall be defined, as well as market design solutions. To operate properly distributed networks, WP5 shall integrate the necessary network operation functions for resilient distribution system operation. 

Project Results

The results of WPs 2-5 will be integrated to demonstration and validation environment in WP 6 to provide real-life results of distributed energy system designs.

Inycom joined the Project as an ESCO and reference in the ICT sector, contributing to the development of business models and enabling technologies, as well as to facilitate the demonstration of the results in WALQA microgrid.