Project Duration: 2016-2019

Source of funds: FCH JU under Horizon2020

Hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysers (PEMWE) has the potential of becoming a key enabling technology in the deployment of FCH technologies in the future energy market as an energy storage system able of delivering hydrogen to different applications and enabling a high penetration of renewable energy sources (RES).

PEMWE has showed capabilities in the emerging hydrogen scenarios to be a valid alternative to previously developed technologies, especially considering the dynamic and versatile operation expected of hydrogen production methods when integrated with RES. 

ELY4OFF Project Goals

The development and demonstration of an autonomous off-grid electrolysis system linked to renewable energy sources.

The integration of the electrolyser with different generation and storage elements and loads in a microgrid considering weather forecasts.

The study of business cases for replication to other isolated areas and weak grids.

Project Partners

Discovering ELY4OFF

What is Ely4Off?

The strategic goal of the ELY4OFF is the design and engineering of a robust, flexible, highly efficient and cost-competitive PEMWE. This will be automatically controlled using cutting-edge operational capabilities under highly dynamic power supplies required for direct coupling to RES generation.

The final design of the PEMWE will be achieved on the basis of the development, validation and demonstration of a PEMWE industrial prototype of 50 kW comprising: cylindrical stack (to be able to produce hydrogen under high pressure) consisting of industrial size elementary cells, balance of plant (BOP), power electronics, advanced communication & control system, and peripheral equipment and end applications.

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How have we contributed to the project? 

Mentioned validation and demonstration will be held in the premises of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, which will be tailored to fit the project requirements as solar power and isolation from the mains, so that the results obtained are representative.

Inycom carries out the development of an overarching control and communication system to integrate the ITM Power electrolyser with the RES and equipment in FHA facilities.