E-LAND Horizon 2020

Source of funds: Horizon2020 & INYCOM

Project Duration:: 42 months from 1st December 2018 to 31st May 2022

Project website: elandh2020.eu

The ELAND project (Integrated multi-vector management system for Energy isLANDs) is an Innovation Action funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon2020 Programme under the topic LC-SC3-ES-3-2018-2020 “Integrated local energy systems (Energy islands)”. E-LAND started in December 2018 and will last 42 months. The consortium includes 6 companies and 6 research organisations from 7 European countries, including Norway, Finland, Romania, Switzerland, Greece, Spain and Germany. There are additionally 2 partners in India who will adopt in that country the technologies developed in the project.

E-LAND Project Goals

Develop and integrate the needed technology tools to change the role of the Energy Island or isolated community from being a possible grid liability to an actor providing services to the grid, when needed.

Increase the use of, and further develop and validate the current and most advanced innovative business models for energy communities and key energy market players.

Understand how the dynamics of existing communities can be explored and further developed in order to secure impact and longevity of the introduced solutions.

Discovering E-LAND

Facing the energy sector challenges

E-LAND partners believe that an efficient, reliable and sustainable delivery of energy is critical to the health and welfare of all people. The continued decarbonization of the energy sector through the use of renewable energy sources provides both interesting opportunities for local energy systems and challenges for existing electricity networks. Mainland regions such as isolated villages, small cities, urban districts or rural areas oftentimes have issues with weak or non-existing grid connections. These areas are known as energy islands.

The goal of the European-funded H2020 project E-LAND is to provide a synergistic solution between technological, societal and business challenges that the energy sector faces.

E-LAND toolbox

The main concept is the E-LAND toolbox – a modular set of methodologies and ICT tools to optimize and control multi energy islands and isolated communities. The modular toolbox can be customized to meet local requirements and expandable to incorporate new tools as new challenges arise. Project is going to implement the toolbox and demonstrate the viability and impact of the tools and methods created in 3 real life pilots in Europe and through simulations with 2 cases in India. Pilots have different geography, demography, sociography and maturity in terms of community and end-user activities, implementation of different energy vectors including storage, amount of renewables in the local energy mix and variety of loads that call for efficient and intelligent management system. To further expand the exploitation of E-LAND results, the Toolbox will be modular and the consortium will develop replication guidelines for utilising the tools in replication sites.

Inycom’s involvement

INYCOM participates in E-LAND as an energy services company (ESCO) and reference in the ICT sector, contributing to the development of business models and enabling technologies in the E-LAND Toolbox. They are responsible for one of the project demo sites located in Spain at Walqa Technology Park, near the city of Huesca. The park is an initiative run by Aragon regional government entities and the local city council and is the work place of around 1000 employees. INYCOM will integrate E-LAND toolbox with the different distributed energy resources at Walqa to validate and assess the performance of the solutions developed in the project, engaging the stakeholders in their use and aiming at the commercialization when E-LAND finishes.

E-Land Project Partners